Del Boyev rječnik

cop - to receive something, or a police officer
cosmic - outstanding; exceptional
cushty - great; brilliant
dipstick - a fool
el-bow - also "the Spanish fiddler", to end a relationship
enemy - wife, missus
Gandhi's revenge - a dodgy stomach
heave-ho - another way of saying "el-bow"
hump - to be annoyed
humpty-dumpty - to perform sexual relations
jacksie - the posterior
jaffa - to be "seedless" as in infertile, one who "fires blanks"
lovely jubbly - brilliant, great, cushty
mutton - deaf, hard of hearing
noofter - a gay man
plonker - an idiot
pukka - great, perfect
ruby - Indian takeaway cuisine
schtum - to keep quiet, keep a secret
sort - a woman, or bird
stoke on trent - a gay man
stone me - an exclamation of anguish
stuke - a difficult situation
this immortal curl - the world
triffic - great, wonderful
twonk - a plonker or dipstick
wally - a twonk, a plonker, or a dipstick

boracic or brassic - lacking in funds, skint
century - £100
douce in bunce - £200
earner - as in a "nice little...", a profitable business transaction
grand - £1000
kosher readies - unlaundered money
monkey - £500
pony - £25
potless - to be skint
score - £20

adegos - Del's effort at adios, Spanish for goodbye
a fait acopian - Del's French for "don't upset yourself"
Ajax - an expression of greeting usually to someone from the Netherlands
al dente! - Spanish for "there you go!"
allemagne dix points - phrase similar to "such is life", possibly Del picked this up from European Song Contest
apres moi la deluge - French meaning, "when I'm dead, all others may die too"
argent comptant - French from Cannes meaning, "brill"
au contraire - French for "hang on a minute"
au revoir - French for "hello"
au fait - Del likes using this but pronounces it "oh fate"
bain marie - no problem
boeuf a la mode - phrase similar to "you win some and lose some"
bonjour - French for "goodbye!"
bonnet de douche - French and impressive
bonetti bonetti - Del's best Italian
bon appetit - French for "I hope you choke on the potatoes"
catalogue raisonne - Hold on, as they say in Beritz
Chateauneuf du Pape! - reserved for an explosive situation
chasse de forme - meaning, "the diamonds are good" in French
conseil d'etat - He helps me, I help him as they say in Grenobles
creme de la menthe - French for the "very best"
di stefano - Italian for "well done"
Don Ochetti - Del used this as a greeting, until he realised it was the name of a Mafia boss
fabrique belgique - I agree or approve in Belgium
fromage frais! - Like Eureka! (when the penny has dropped)
je suis je reste - superb according to Del
joie de vivre! - an exclamation that impresses or French for putting a bit of life back into your own life
Juan - the name of all Spanish waiters
mais oui - no problem, my pleasure
mange tout - my pleasure, variation like above
menage a trois - an exclamation of surprise
Miguel - Del's name for all Portuguese barmen
münchengladbach - German for "hello"
Moet Champagne - the only champagne Del knows, and prounces like poet champers
moi - French and classy way of saying "me"
Mon dieu! - exclamation implying, "you idiot"
oeuf sur la plat - French for "it's clear cut"
oh mai oui, mon pleasure - French, sophisticated Del
Pas de Calais - approving or divine
Pate foie gras - French for liver sausage, goes well with Moet Champers
Pot Pourri! - French for "I don't believe it!"
plume de ma tante - expression of exasperation like "Gordon Bennett"
polizia - Del can say police in more than one language
puscas puscas - approval, it's alright in Spanish
rein a dire, rein a faire - perplexing French Del picked up from Lordes
raisse de chassie - more French Del picked up from Dieppe
Revenons a nos moutonst - apparently a quote from the guv'nor of Bastille, French for "I've got to do something quick"
servir frais mois non glace - French for "it could of been on the top floor"
si danke schon, bonjour - proves how multi-lingual Del is (Spanish, German and French)
tel aviv - Del reckons the French use this for "you can never tell"
tete de veau - Del reckons the French use this for "every ones a winner"
tete-a-tete - a head to head meeting with drug barons
tres bien ensemble - French for possessing a sense of occasion
Vive la France - it's what you say with respect to the American national anthem
Voila! - the French say it after T-cutting a square inch of the Capri Ghia, it's a way of encouraging Rodney to finish the rest of the car off

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  1. Postoje likovi koji daju dobru i oni koji nude lošu energiju.

    Nema te depresije iz koje me Del ne može izvući. Mali-veliki čovjek, dobri duh preživljavanja. I to iz vremena kada su vrline hodale pod ruku sa manama. Danas nije tako, vrline su potkazane, a mane su "in", "kul" ili kako već.

    Del se ne može ponoviti u bliskoj budućnosti, ni na TV-u ni u realnosti. On je, nakon liberalnog kapitalizma (kao filozofije života) sredio i komunizam, dokazavši da ne postoji "bolje sutra", već tek bolje juče... Iz kog nam maše sa stricem i Rodnijem, kao sa neke napuštene obale.

    Uživao sam čitajući sjajni Delov rječnik!


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